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Safe and well-known  harbors do not appeal to an artist. The artist strikes the pencil bravely before the unknown. He is always in a state of dancing with the unknown and always creative.  He is fearless.


The painter with the ability of seeing the magnificent creativity in the universe is aware of the fact that his own creativity only relatively matters. As he sees the magnificence of the universe, he feels intensely encouraged to pursue new creations. His real strength is hidden in his modest attitude towards the magnificent.


There is something which people have been made to forget:  the great pleasure of behaving without awaiting  any benefits . The painter eternally maintains the knowledge of the enormous energy of this great pleasure, as it is reflected onto the canvas. Moreover, he tries to remind the spectators this significant point by his life style.


You can buy all works of a painter but you can not, at all, buy his state of pleasure and enthusiasm which encourages him to create those works.


The most reasonable value of a painting can never be money but if anything, it might be exchanging it with an other painting; even this exchange would not cover its value, for a painting has no equivalent price. Maybe it deserves a reward. And this reward, the painter has already received as the pleasure and enthusiasm he feels while creating his work.


You can buy the works of a painter but you can never buy his painting; his painting is his soul.


The painter is a real hero; even his unrealized existence within the four walls of his room is, no doubt, a part of his being a hero.


Man’s history is of cruelties and ingratitudes written by the blind. However, man’s history is at the same time, a process of learning and developing to see. A painter with or without a social care, is the eye of the society. But how could the ordinary man make use of the painter’s eye, while he himself can not use his own eye properly?


Sometimes if you do not reject the familiar, you can not reach either a new vision, or a  creation.


The painter starting a new work immediately after finishing up with his previous work, derives his pace and energy from his honesty which is regarded as foolishness by most others.


Self-admiration renders the painter blind. There are many of them all around. As opposed to that, admiring the boundlessness in himself, makes the painter’s eyes wide open.


Being a painter is thought to be a task of emotions. But emotions are what everyone has, while being decided is what rarely exists. Being a painter requires being decided rather than emotions.


An insufficient painting made without having a sound base of drawing and painting should not mislead you to call it “ caricature”. The art of caricature should be maintained with a sound base of painting in order to display its features of directly aiming at the target, striking, shocking, disturbing, relaxing , leaping, and making smile. The art of caricature can supply the artist with one of the most colorful facilities that will maintain the painter’s work.


Good Painting, Bad Painting?


It is not worth talking about a bad work. I hate good work. While everyone pursues good painting, good painting pursues to be appreciated. If you look at the various world markets of painting, you will see that for both bad and good paintings people pay a lot of money.

However, painting is

a response,

a question

a rebellion

a rising

a revolution

a step

forward in the development of human conscience.


I believe that as human conscience develops and man descends into his depths, “good” painting will no more exist. Even if “bad” painting is tolerated and is able to survive, the art of painting will occupy its real place. Man will eventually try to know himself and pursue his boundlessness (eternity) in paintings.


I do not have any spare time to spend for “good” or “bad” painting.

Nor do I care for the beautiful future which I believe in.

I must rush for honesty, enthusiasm, and my paintings.